Liuyang three auspicious chemical industry trade co., LTD
Liuyang three auspicious chemical industry trade co., LTD
A river,A song,A city。The autumn harvest uprising,The revolutionary cradle。The home of the world famous fireworks-Liuyang。
    Three auspicious chemical industry trade co., LTD., established in liuyang2004Years,Is a collection research and development,Manufacturing,Sell the crosslinking agentTAICThe professional company。The company is located in the beautiful liuyang river,Will a changsha only from the provincial capital60Kilometers,The transportation is convenient,Logistics developed。
    Three chemical industry since established,Always adhering to the“Quality first,The customer is supreme,Honest and trustworthy”The management idea,The company since the childhood,From the original one or employees,To have their own sales team,The company and its products from the initial don't know the general public,Until now by more and more people know and accept,Product quality is the lifeline of an enterprise,In order to provide customers stable,High quality goods,We three, chemical active with experts and professors of universities,Have developed a series of new type,Efficient,Environmental quality of crosslinking agent products。The company produces the crosslinking agent for many yearsTAlCDeeply domestic and foreign customers approval and trust。 Products have been exported to Europe,The Middle East,South Africa and southeast Asia and other places,And always keep friendly cooperation relationship with customers,The company's sales have more than thousands,More and more customers The full text >>
The name of the company:Liuyang three auspicious chemical industry trade co., LTD
Contacts:Yu Zhongmiao
The phone:0731-83616112、0731-83618598
The mobile phone:13508499615
Tradelink:hnlysjhg QQ:234382091
Address:In changsha city of hunan province, hunan liuyang sands road central parkB1206 For details >>

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