DBN 12Month1On the afternoon,Wenxin county people's government and sichuan provinceAG环亚集团Agricultural development co., LTD. Signed a success《30Ten thousand pigs circular agriculture...
AG环亚集团The supreme teaching material product features:①These products is strong:Choose natural dry corn,Do not add flavor and sweeteners,Piglets will eat it,The first after weaning1Day will appear the phenomenon of food②Feed intake:Corn after expansion,Better palatability,Piglets ate also want to eat③Good safety:Selection of high quality protein source,Grease through emulsification processing,Piglets are easier to absorb,There will be no nutritional abdomen river4④High cost performance:AG环亚集团The supreme teach tank material is given priority to with particles,To reduce the waste in the process of feeding,Also can avoid the feed in the feeding trough and arch material problem
Science compound pig feed must abide by the principles of four nutrition collocation Every farmers hope that with the lowest cost of feeding a grow grow the fastest the most fat pig,This would require the farmers makes a nutrition...
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