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       The paper selects xinyi city engineering construction supervision co., LTD,Was established1994Years,Is a housing construction project construction supervision qualification、Municipal public engineering construction supervision qualification、Engineering cost consulting class b qualification、The bidding agent b qualification、Supervision of civil air defense class b qualification、Engineering consulting class c qualifications、Equipment supervision qualification units,Is according toGB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008Standard requirements,Establish a quality management system certification unit,Is the advanced construction supervision unit and the paper selects xinyi city in jiangsu province pacesetter civilization、Safety civilized unit,For many years been the paper selects xinyi city live built bureau rated as advanced units,98Absorbed in supervision association of jiangsu province and xuzhou supervision association governing units。

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The ground The address:The paper selects xinyi city xinhua rd is built appoint building complex4F
The electricity Words:0516-69905158
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